Student Connect


On college campuses, many students walk alone during the day and night, and sexual violence as well as other types of violence are common place—this violence not only harms students but the fear of violence prevents them from undertaking certain activities, such as attending classes, meetings, or late-night study sessions at the library, for fear of walking back home alone.

Student Connect is a safety wristband designed to solve this problem by connecting students to each other, allowing them to assist one another in the event of an emergency, as well as by allowing them to automatically contact 911.

The band has a button, which, when pressed, automatically calls 911 and alerts all other wristband-wearers in the immediate vicinity that a fellow student is experiencing an emergency by vibrating and flashing a red light on the other students’ bands.  Additionally, the location of the student needing help is sent to the other students’ phones, allowing other students to assist or act as witnesses.  Finally, the phone of the student who has pressed the “help” button will automatically begin recording audio in an effort to collect evidence of the crime that is occurring, as well as emit an alarm sound calling further attention to the scene.­­


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