The Publier Publishing Company will potentially eliminate the years of waiting traditionally involved with publishing a novel (or even an ebook). Depending on success, expanding nationally and internationally are both options for which we have prepared.

Publier is a publishing house utilizing vertical integration of the industry. That’s to say, writers, agents, and editors, alike, will all work directly with/for the publishing house; in contrast to the standard method whereby writers must first spend up to several years trying to find an agent, who in turn spends up to several years matching the writer with a publisher, who in turn sometimes has editors of their own, but also sometimes hires freelance editors.

We’re out to revolutionize the publishing industry by streamlining the process. We will edit, promote, and publish novels all in one business, while also facilitating the e-publishing of our authors’ works. We will also oversee artwork, design, and layouts for the books we produce.

Our main goal is to foster the literary arts through partnerships with authors across the country.


  • Michelle Fitzhugh
  • Wenjia (Anna) Huo
  • Greg Pepper