Tracheal Stricture is a leading complication of respiratory cancers. The cancer patients most often suffer from difficulty of breathing due to narrowing of the tube and undergo stenting to keep the windpipe open. SituMag seeks to make stents more natural than ever before. Our product, TrachoMag is the world’s first biodegradable magnesium airway stent that allows fast and effective healing. Magnesium, already present in our body, dissolves with time helping with airway relaxation. This stent is made from a highly ductile proprietary alloy that eliminates stent blockage and prevents the need for stent removal and unnecessary imaging. Trachomag comes with customized bedside 3D inkjet printing solution and is useful in people who are allergic to metal. There is more. Our stents also help children born with abnormal windpipe and people with severe asthma.

At SituMag, we bring nature to medicine.


Puneeth Shridhar MD


Prashant Kumta PhD


Kesavan Rangaswamy