Network Now!


80% of jobs in American are landed through networking. Conversely, young professionals, millennials, and college students are not good at networking. Some are introverts and have anxiety over having a professional conversation with the intent to extract a business card/professional contact. Most young professionals are inexperienced and also aware of the amount of time it requires to physically network at events. Our app, Network Now!, is a location-based networking app that would be quicker, easier, and cheaper than a $50 premium plan on LinkedIn which provides similar features. LinkedIn is gaining a Facebook-like attitude with a large and impersonal network that has an older user population.

Network Now! is a solution to young professional networking obstacles that would render parts of LinkedIn obsolete. Users on Network Now! will be on a tinder-esque platform with a profile that contains their professional contact including their picture, name, industry, job title, and work email/phone number. Users pre-select the location radius in which they wish to network. A user would first receive a stack of profiles with professionals in the same industry and same/similar work experience. Next, users would receive a stack of profiles in similar industries and same/similar work experience. Also, users will be able to search specific industries if they wish to network with professionals outside their industry. Users have the option to favorite a user’s professional contact which will save that contact in their archive. Another option will be to swipe right to receive their professional contact while also notifying the user who sent their profile that you accepted their information and will be contacting them soon. A user may swipe left to reject the personal contact information. A user who sent their professional contact and has it rejected will not be notified as to not ruin any future business endeavors. Finally, a user may swipe up to recommend that contact to any number of their current networks they have established on Network Now!.


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