Modern Day Minutemen


As the Modern Day Minutemen, we are creating a community of hackers to defend our country through collaboration with US Army Cyber Command. We are developing a cybersecurity training program that provides practical experience, research, and work opportunities for individuals interested in cyber security. We have talked to over 140 industry professionals, students, and military staff, who have validated the necessity of our program.



Swaroop is a recent graduate from Pitt. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. He is now working as a software engineer in the Pittsburgh area. Swaroop enjoys fried chicken, running, and sleeping.

Chynna is in her final year of the Professional MBA Program at Katz Graduate School of Business. The concentration of her MBA is MIS with a certificate of Project Management. She also works for the University of Pittsburgh as a Senior Support Analyst and Problem Manager. In her free time, Chynna enjoys cooking, trying new foods, and exploring different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

Donald Kline, Jr is a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He received a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015, and will receive his masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the end of this summer. In his spare time, Don enjoys spending time with friends and family and trying to learn as much as possible about many different areas of computing.

Lee is a graduate student pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is studying the security of nuclear control systems to defend against cyber-attacks. Lee enjoys lifting weights and reading in his spare time.