Cheer On is a mobile-app for location tracking that helps marathon runners and their biggest fans stay connected on race day.
The app tracks the runner’s location and sends it to his or her spectators in real-time, offering intelligent predictions for when and where they should go to cheer them on.
So instead of watching diligently for their favorite runner, spectators can enjoy the race day experience.


Chris – The first member of our team is Chris Guirguis, a first-year student at the School of Dental Medicine. He graduated from Pitt in 2016 with a B.S. in Chemistry. Chris is the team lead and conceptualized the idea initially. Chris is a self-taught computer programmer and has a strong background in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Swift, and some experience with Objective-C, Java, and C++. Furthermore, Chris has been involved in the development and licensing of a Civil Engineering program that is currently in use by multiple engineering and structural design firms in the Midwest.

Isaac – The second member of our team is Isaac Grove, a senior Biological Sciences student in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Isaac has been involved in the development of the idea since its early stages, contributing to its creative design, user interface, marketability, and revenue model, among other aspects. Isaac has been recognized as a University Scholar by the Dietrich School and has a comprehensive perspective on pre-health curricula