Cyclosa Labs


Cyclosa Labs was founded on the belief that organizations lack the empirical data to make the right decisions when it comes to cybersecurity.  Current cybersecurity practices are based on outdated anecdotes often driven by product supply forces rather than technological demand.  We believe with the right data, businesses can make strategic decisions that help them manage cybersecurity decisions based on evidence, rather than anecdote.

The result is an ability to deliver data to businesses which allow them to avoid the IBM Problem — that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” — even after other products far surpassed IBM’s technology.  Our preliminary results suggest that businesses currently vastly overinvest in network perimeter defenses (the “IBM” of cybersecurity) leaving little or no resources to address other critical attack vectors.


JaclynRamseyJaclyn Ramsey is an IT professional with over eight years of experience performing the work of a wide range of roles. She is a problem solver experienced in project management, operations, team leadership, end user training, programming, and technical support. She completed her Master’s degree in Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh in April of 2016.  Her coursework in graduate school focused on a breadth of knowledge across the information science spectrum, including studies of project management, data mining, information visualization, information security, web programming, and user focused design.

Jacky’s work on this project began in Spring of 2015.  The focus of her efforts for the project was the camouflage aspect of the system in order to keep the network from being discovered as ‘not real’ by attackers.  At the beginning of 2016, she headed up the business effort to commercialize the project and create Cyclosa Labs.


RyanCraigRyan Craig is an undergraduate student majoring in Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh iSchool who will be graduating in the Summer of 2016.  He has experience in programming and system administration.  He has worked as the system administrator for our research team, which involved both hardware administration and virtualized network and system administration.  Additionally, he has assisted with the implementation of the data capture.

Prior to joining the project, Ryan held a position at ANSYS, Inc., an engineering simulation firm, as a test engineer co-op, debugging test scripts, working with software developers, and writing internal tools to improve testing efficiency.


DavidThawDavid Thaw is an Assistant Professor of Law and Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and an Affiliated Fellow of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. His research and scholarship examine the regulation and impact of Internet and computing technologies, with specific focus on cybersecurity, privacy, cybercrime, and cyberwarfare.

David has acted as the advisor for the duration of the project and intends to take a Chief Scientist role at Cyclosa Labs.
Prior to joining the Pitt faculty, David taught at the University of Connecticut and the University of Maryland. He also practiced cybersecurity and privacy regulatory law at Hogan Lovells (formerly Hogan & Hartson) and was previously a Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale Law School.

David holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley’s School of Information, a J.D. from Berkeley Law, a M.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley and a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland.