AquaCloud creates water monitoring systems that provide end-users with water quality insight and control within their facilities.

Innovative farmers in the industry have adopted new growing methods requiring that they plant their crops in water– without soil.¬† These farms need simple alerts the instant their water develops an issue or else many months’ worth of investment end up in ruin. Initially, we plan to sell our water monitoring systems to these farms.

Our systems collect millions of data points. Unlike our competitors we leverage big data to alert our end-user like a weather report even before their water develops an issue. We reduce costs by using only the necessary components and provide the information to our customers in an accessible format via the internet or SMS.


AquaCloud-Team-Portrait-Saul AquaCloud-Team-Portrait-Vinh AquaCloud-Team-Portrait-Jenny AquaCloud-Team-Portrait-Gandih AquaCloud-Team-Portrait-Brandon

Vinh – Computer Science – CEO

Saul – Computer Engineer –¬†Team Coordinator

Jenny – MBA – CFO

Brandon – Electrical Engineer – CTO

Gandhi – Chemical Engineer